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Take A Step 2017

Grow in Serving Others Unselfishly

What are we doing? We’re considering what ‘next step’ each of us might take as we grow in our full life in Christ. If you’re interested in taking a ‘next step’ in serving others unselfishly, this page is for you!

What are you offering?

  • A response form
  • Suggested ‘next steps’ to start you thinking about your next step!
  • How we can help (scroll down)
  • Tell me more about “serving others unselfishly” (scroll down some more!)

Suggested ‘next steps’ to consider for growing in serving at St. Peter and elsewhere

  • Come to our ministry fairs after worship on Sept. 30/Oct. 1, Oct. 14/15, and Oct. 21/22. View the displays and talk to representatives of some of our ministries
  • Complete a “Sharing My Gifts” form. Also available in our lobby. We note your abilities and interest in our database and let you know you when matching opportunities come up.
  • Talk to a pastor or ministry leader about areas that interest you
  • Talk to Karen Kogler or one of our ministry guides for ideas on where to serve, based on your gifts, interests and schedule
  • Check out community serving opportunities through our local volunteer center.
  • Ask your friends for ideas on how and where to serve.
  • Revamp your weekly schedule to open up more time for serving.
  • Spend more time with Jesus. That increases our motivation to serve others.
  • Work on your serving attitude.
  • Spend more time in prayer. You can serve others by praying for them

OK. I’ve decided on my next step. Now what? Consider strengthening your commitment to grow by one or more of these options:

  • Write it down. Post it where you’ll see it often. Bathroom mirror?
  • Share your commitment with someone, or with your family around the dinner table.
  • Seek accountability. Have someone ask you, “How’s it going?” after a certain period of time.
  • Share your commitment with us on this form. If you want, we’ll follow up with you later.

St. Peter is ready to help you take that next step.

  • In addition to the ministry fairs, you can learn about our ministries here.
  • Contact Karen Kogler, Director of Equipping (Equipping Each to Serve). She can also connect you to one of our trained Ministry Guides.
  • Our pastors and staff are also happy to talk to you.
  • These great books will help you grow in serving others unselfishly: Get Off Your Donkey by Reggie McNeal; Crazy Busy by Devin DeYoung; The Call by Os Guinness.

Tell me more about serving others unselfishly

As part of our “Immeasurably More” series in fall 2017, we’re looking at how the “more” God has blessed us with might lead to “more” in our full life in Christ. “Serving others unselfishly” is part of that full life in Christ. It includes serving in our church, but is much more than that. In all aspects of life:

  • It expects nothing in return
  • It happens in all areas of life: home, church, work, neighborhood.
  • It’s ready, eager and joyful.
  • It’s both planned and spontaneous.
  • It asks God for direction and listens for the Spirit’s prompting.
  • It looks to join Jesus on his mission, doing good to those who don’t know Him as Lord.
  • It’s willing to go beyond the comfortable.