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Doing Good in the Neighborhood!

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What good can you do in YOUR neighborhood?

Who needs an act of kindness or a listening ear?


God put each of us in a particular neighborhood so we could join him on his mission there.  He does all the heavy lifting.  We simply look for opportunities to do good, and build relationships.

We want to hear from you!

How is God working through YOU to do good in YOUR neighborhood?
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What is Doing Good in the Neighborhood?
Doing Good in the Neighborhood: Sharing and Growing
Doing Good in the Neighborhood: When Cost is a Factor
I want to do Good in My Neighborhood, but…
It’s all about relationships

Thrivent Action Grants

If you’re a Thrivent member, you can easily get $250 through a Thrivent Action Team grant.  See Thrivent.com/actionteam for information.  If you’re not a Thrivent member, contact Karen Kogler, and we’ll see if we can connect you to someone who is and who would like to work with you on your project.

To help YOU in YOUR neighborhood:

  • Rather than having a spring Big Days of Serving, with a dozen or so large-scale serving projects, we’re encouraging hundreds of simple projects in the hundreds of neighborhoods where we live.
  • You decide what to do.
    1. Who could use a helping hand: a single parent, someone elderly or disabled or unemployed?
    2. Or serve by doing something fun–invite a bunch of neighbors over for ice cream, or one family over for coffee.
    3. Or invite your neighbors to serve together–collecting for a food pantry, cleaning a local park, etc.
    4. Scroll down for a longer list of ideas!
  • Connect with other St. Peter families in your area to plan your activity. Watch for more info on neighborhood clusters.
  • If there’s a cost involved, consider a Thrivent grant. (If you’re a Thrivent member, we can try to connect you to one.)  We might have some St. Peter funds available, too.
  • Questions?  Contact Karen Kogler at kkogler@FullLifeinChrist.org or 224-387-3837.

As we get to know our neighbors, relationships grow and trust builds.  When a person shares something real and hard, we can respond with a simple offer of grace, “Would you like me to pray with you about that?”

Ideas to get you started:

  • Mow someone’s lawn for them
  • Get a flat of marigolds and offer to plant some in their yard
  • Offer to watch the kids while Mom and Dad go out for a date
  • Invite someone over for coffee
  • Invite a group of neighbors over for ice cream
  • Invite neighbors to help organize a neighborhood food drive for a local food pantry
  • Start a neighborhood Little Free Library
  • Ask an elderly neighbor if they’d enjoy your child coming over to read to them
  • Host a story time for neighborhood kids
  • Offer to replace smoke detector batteries and light bulbs for an elderly neighbor
  • Clean up a neighborhood park
  • Clean out a flowerbed for a neighbor
  • Have a fundraiser for someone facing catastrophic medical bills
  • Help make a home handicap accessible, or safer for an elderly person (grab bars in the bathroom, etc.)
  • Put quarters in machines at the local laundromat
  • Offer to help a neighborhood business you use by passing out flyers for them
  • Invite someone over for a meal
  • Prepare and deliver a meal for an older person, or a busy single parent

We want to hear from you!

How is God working through YOU to do good in YOUR neighborhood?
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