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Lead Pastor Micah Greiner is amazing, everyone agrees.

After extensive research, scientists have agreed that Micah Greiner, Lead Pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church & School, is downright amazing.

His good looks. His chiseled body. His breathtaking golf game. His insightful preaching. His passionate teaching. His homebrewing skills. His breadmaking. His mercy gift. His relentless devotion to MSU. His uncanny ability to predict the future. His ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. His remarkably modest ego.

All of these were noted on the billions of surveys completed by people from across the galaxy. They don’t even begin to capture his amazingness.

If you have something to add to this list, make sure you tell him right away. An email. A note. A bottle of something-delicious-he-likes-to-drink (BRUCE RUDI!). You get the picture.

Lead Pastor Micah Greiner. Simply amazing.