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Online Protection Training Class

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1. If you find your temper getting short as you deal with a difficult or unruly child, what’s the best thing to do?

 Immediately leave the room Physically restrain the child Ask another adult to step in and assist with the situation

2. When can you use corporal punishment to discipline a child in a church ministry?

 If you have the parent’s permission Only for serious misbehavior You cannot use corporal punishment at any time

3. Which TWO of these are good guidelines for demonstrations of affection with children

 Hugs are okay if the child is age 6 or younger. Let the child initiate the affection. Follow your heart. Use a pat on the back or a ‘side hug.’

4. Why are we encouraged to report suspected abuse?

 To protect the child, youth or vulnerable adult To get help for the family Both of the above.

5. What is “good faith” reporting?

 State law protects those who report suspected abuse in good faith. Reporting a child’s level of faith development You can discipline a child any way you want as long as you do it in good faith and report what you did.

6. If you see signs of physical or sexual abuse, you should

 Question the child in detail to get all the facts Wait a week or two to see if things improve or get worse Call the hotline or tell your supervisor or a pastor as soon as possible.

7. In addition to this class, what are TWO other major steps in the protection ministry screening process that you must take the initiative to do?

 Complete and submit a protection ministry application Schedule an interview Give a 30-min talk in church next Sunday on the content of this class Bring in your pet dog for a pawprint-based background check.

8. What did you learn from this course?

9. What questions do you have on this topic?

I have viewed, in its entirety, the Illinois Mandated Reporter Training course. I understand the guidelines given and will follow those guidelines as I participate in ministries at St. Peter.

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