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Have you made plans for their care if something were to happen to you?
Do you know who plans for their care if you don’t?  The court system.

Parents with Minor Children Workshop

Thursday, May 7

6:00-7:00 p.m.

in the Life Center

This workshop will show you how to create a plan to care for your children if the worst case scenario were to happen.  It helps parents consider the critical decisions that, if not managed ahead of time, will be left to the courts and state law.  All information compiled by participants during this workshop will be kept strictly confidential by participants.

  • Participants will ensure care for their children and blessings for their favorite ministries in the event of their untimely death.
  • Participants will be able to create a will, a minor’s trust, guardians for their children, durable power of attorney for health care and durable power of attorney for financial matters for themselves.  These terms will be explained in detail at the meetings.
  • There is no cost for establishing a Lifetime Plan for Giving.  The only cost to participants will be those incurred when their attorney drafts the necessary legal documents.  We have made arrangements with several local Christian attorneys who have agreed to draft the above referenced documents for a very reasonable cost.
  • About the presenters:  Ray Pagels is our Christian Gift Planning Counselor with experience in encouraging the spiritual gifts of generosity to family and ministry.  They are employed by the church to help Christian parents learn what they need to know and work with them in confidence to plan what they want to accomplish.

Childcare and a light meal for your family will be provided.  Grandparents are welcome to attend as well.

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 Call Isabel Peterson at 224-387-3857 or email ipeterson@FullLifeinChrist.org


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