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Next Steps for Regular Bible Reading

It should be no surprise that the single most important thing you can do to grow spiritually is to read the Bible.

After all, we know that the Bible is the living, authoritative Word of God by which He tells us who we are and the role we have in the world. But even more, it tells us who He is and what He is doing to win us back for Himself.

There can be all sorts of obstacles to Bible reading – some significant, some trivial.

If each of us could take the step to increase our Bible reading, even by a few minutes a day, imagine what a difference it would make!

Our hearts and minds would be changed.

Our church would be revitalized.

Our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces would become saturated by grace, mercy, and love.

Quite literally, the world would change.


So…are you in?

Visit FullLifeinChrist.org/BibleTools to learn about some nifty tools available to help you get started or to go deeper in your Bible Reading.

If you aren’t already part of a Bible Study or Life Group, join one. Visit FullLifeinChrist.org/ministries/life-groups/ to view a variety of options currently offered. If you want more information or to have help getting into a Life a Group, email us at news@FullLifeinChrist.org.