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Retirements and Milestones Celebration on May 22


Miss Karen Mielke, our Middle School English teacher, is retiring after 36 years of service at St. Peter and 46 years in the teaching ministry. She has served faithfully through the years as NJHS sponsor, vice principal, Walcamp Director, Department Head, Oracle Sponsor and 8th Grade Trip Sponsor. She has been a blessing to hundreds of students through the years as a champion of Grammar, Literature and Writing. We pray God’s richest blessings on her retirement.

Mrs. Cheryl Grau, our part time French teacher, is retiring after 28 years at St. Peter. She has brought her passion and love of French to hundreds of students who in turn have pursued the joy of foreign language study. We pray God’s best as she and her husband enjoy retirement in South Carolina.

Mr. Henry Kogler, St. Peter’s Music Director, is retiring after 12 years at St. Peter and 33 years in ministry. Mr. Kogler has served our school as choir teacher, organist, AV coordinator, after school music/instrumental teacher and leader in school worship services. He has blessed our students and staff with his leadership, love of music, teamwork, and faithfulness.

We will honor both of these teachers and Henry as well as others on our staff reaching milestones in teaching on Sunday, May 22, between church services.

Milestones in Ministry

Pastor Paul Klopke is celebrating his 25th anniversary of his ordination as a pastor!

Other St. Peter milestones include:

Name                               Years at St. Peter

Pastor Karl Schmidt      30

David Weinrich              20

Kay Hermann                 10

Rosie Pagones                 10

Kristin Kloess                10

Blake Bogdan                   5

Kristen Klose                   5

Martina Lang                  5

Isabel Peterson               5

Gail Raupp                       5

Lexi Schmidt                   5

Danielle Ulbert               5

Jackie Valentino            5

Ingrid Wickboldt           5

Joel Wickboldt               5