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Generation Next

Case Statement

Across the span of centuries, certain things hold families together. For some it may be a unique family tradition –a treasured possession – or even certain physical features from your parents and from their parents before them. All of these play an important role in shaping us into the unique person God has made us to be. But the most important thing that gets passed down from generation to generation is the stories and substance of our Christian faith. As parents follow God’s command to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), they pass along the Full Life in Christ, just like they had received it from their parents. From one generation to the next, passing along the treasure of the Christian faith is exactly what God had in mind when He designed the family in the first place! It is essential to His plan for our lives and lasts even into eternity.

What if you could guarantee that the things you cherish the most would continue to be enjoyed long after you are gone? What if you could make an investment today in the things that matter most with the confidence that your children and their children – and even their children after them! – would continue to receive its benefit?

At St. Peter Lutheran Church & School we are blessed to have forefathers who have ensured that we were raised in the Christian faith and entrusted with a ministry that has prevailed for more than 150 years. The legacy of their sacrifice spans from generation to generation and extends to countless thousands.

We also are privileged to be given the opportunity now to continue to build on that foundation, working together to ensure that our mission – To Lead People to a Full Life in Christ [John 10:10] – continues to endure for generations yet to come!

A Tithe for Mission [10% of Pledges]

It was a profoundly beautiful thing to see the first 10% of the amount pledged in our Forward in Faith capital campaign used to begin construction on St. Peter Christian College — the first private, Christian school in the entire state of Mpumalanga, South Africa.

As another act of faith in God’s ability to provide for our needs here in Arlington Heights, we will commit 10% of the gifts pledged in this new capital stewardship campaign, “generation next to help complete the construction of six additional classrooms, completing Phase 1 of the development of St. Peter Christian College. These new classrooms will allow this vitally important ministry to continue to grow so that future generations in Middleburg can receive a sound, Christian education.

Expanding Our Capacity for Ministry [70% of Pledges]

In the past few years, we have made a significant investment in revitalizing our own ministry campus by the construction of our Building Expansion Project. This new wing for our facility – the first in more than 35 years! – will immediately expand our capacity for ministry in some new and exciting ways.

The new Life Center will quickly become one of the most “in demand” spaces in our facility, allowing us to gather for meetings, concerts, and special events in comfort and style! The four new preschool classrooms, will enable us to continue to meet the growing demand for this program. The highly versatile “motor room” will serve as both an exercise area for the preschool students, as well as a staging area for the Life Center. These new ministry spaces, along with the relocated nursery, expanded restroom facilities, and the hallway space connecting the new wing to our current facilities, are a vitally important and timely investment in the future of our ministry.

In order to ensure that the rest of our campus continues to serve our ministry needs, we have also completed a wide range of infrastructure and cosmetic improvements to our existing campus. These improvements have included everything from asbestos abatement in the boiler room to new flooring in our hallways, as well as a brand new audio-visual system in our sanctuary.

These ambitious projects were launched using the generous gifts given in our last capital campaign, Forward in Faith, but the need for support continues, as we will assume a mortgage of $3,000,000 once construction is complete. Using 70% of the funds raised in “generation next,” we will ensure that all of the costs associated with the Building Expansion Project, including the annual mortgage costs of the mortgage, are covered for at least the next three years without adding any additional strain to our operating budget. This will allow us to continue to grow our ministry, utilizing this new space in exciting, dynamic ways to help Lead People to a Full Life in Christ.

Sowing Seeds for New Ministry [20% of Pledges]

Because our ministry is ultimately about people and not buildings – we are also preparing for the future growth of our ministry by establishing an “Emerging Ministries Fund” to provide seed money for new ministries. Even as we expand our facilities, we are preparing to expand our staff and programs to continue moving our ministry forward.

The first application of this seed money will used for calling a new Associate Pastor for Worship and Life Groups. These two Core Ministry Areas are perhaps the most under-resourced areas of ministry, yet they also provide us with our greatest opportunity for growth!

By investing in a new pastoral staff member, we will be able to ensure that we continue to breathe vitality into the Core Ministry Area of Worship, expanding our ability to use a wide variety of creative arts and media in all of our worship services. As he provides leadership in the Core Ministry Area of Life Groups, we will see hundreds more become connected to the most effective method of personal spiritual growth available to us.

As the first application of the 20% of the funds raised in “generation next,” all of the costs associated with this new position will be fully funded for the first three years. This will provide our operating budget with sufficient time to grow, so that the position can be funded through contributions to our General Fund.

All future applications of funding made available by this “Emerging Ministries Fund” will be directed by our Governing Board, enabling our ministry to have the resources and flexibility necessary to continue growing, as we continue to pursue our mission to Lead People to a Full Life in Christ.