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Community Threads Seeking Donations

Community Threads – Ben’s Story

What do you do when your phone rings at 3:30 a.m. and it is your 21 year old son, who is 11 hours away at college?  He says “I am O.K., and all my roommates, but our house is burning”.  First you pray and thank the Lord for the sparing your son.  Then you ask for all the details.  He is safe outside with only his jeans and his cell phone.  His whole room will eventually be ashes, caused by an electrical short circuit.  He has lost all his possessions, except his computer, wallet, car keys, and violin (which were in another room of the house that did not burn).   The Fire Marshal said if Ben had been in his room for five more minutes, he would have been trapped and most likely killed.

As my husband and I prepare to drive down to help Ben the following day, we first visit Community Threads.  We are looking to purchase a desk, chair, night stand, and lamps to replace Ben’s loss.  I am also looking for picture frames and small tokens to frame new pictures I am bringing to replace Ben’s personal collection of family/friends.  The managers, Lisa and Jennifer, ask us why we are shopping for these specific items.  When we tell them our story, they begin searching the store and bringing out more and more pieces of furniture, and then tell us the store will be donating these items for Ben!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled, by the generosity and sympathy shown to our family by the family at Community Threads!   What a blessing to be a volunteer, supporting the many ministries of Community Threads!

Community Threads was able to help the Shudak family due to our generous donors and volunteers.  Right now the store is badly in need of gently used items to sell because donations drop in the cold weather.  If you have housewares,  furniture, shoes, books or clothing we would love to have them.

When making donations, please remember to fill out a slip and mark St. Peter in order for us to get credited towards our next grant from the store. Thank you!